DDP 200hp Injectors (Set of 6) - 98.5-02 Dodge 24 Valve - ISB200

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Product Name: Dodge 98.5-02 24v Injector SET - 200HP
Manufacturer: DDP
Manufacturer Part #: DDP ISB200

Dodge 98.5-02 24v Injector SET: Injector set intended for high performance use with no towing. Should be used only in high performance applications and will supply enough fuel to support 600 RWHP. Injector set utilizes Dynomite's exclusive SAC nozzles. Upgraded turbo(s) are mandatory. Sold as a matched set with no core charge. NOTE: Some trucks may exhibit a slight lope at idle due to nozzle design utilized. If a modified VP44, oversized injection lines, or oversized connector tubes are installed, the lope will likely be much worse.