Exergy Fuel System Saver - Duramax LML

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Product Name: Exergy Fuel System Saver - 2011-2016 Duramax LML
Manufacturer: Exergy
Manufacturer Part #: E0510505

Fitment Notes: 2011-2016 GM Duramax LML

Exergy's improved Inlet Metering Valve is cost-effective insurance for the failure-prone CP4.2 pump. Exergy has developed this innovative design to help minimize further damage to the factory fuel system, which can cost many thousands of dollars. The factory 80-micron screen has proven incapable of capturing all the contaminants that can cause this, so Exergy developed this improved design to capture debris up to 25 microns. The 2 layer, double-wrapped, the stainless screen is the way that Exergy does this. This design will not tear or delaminate like the factory screen and will protect the fuel system part upstream to save you money. The new design will capture more debris, causing the truck to shut down sooner, creating less damage and downtime in the process.

The Exergy Performance Inlet Metering Valve has proven efficient to flow similar quantities of fuel through it, so no measurable performance loss is created, even when using the 10mm CP4.2 stroker pump up to 4500 RPM. Exergy part number E05-10505 is what you need to protect your valuable fuel system.

Exergy Performance is a division of Engineering and is focused on the unique needs of high-performance diesel applications. The need for this specialized attention was recognized after assisting in root cause analysis of everything from rough idle to broken engine components caused by well-meaning, but inexperienced and/or under-equipped fuel system modifiers. Given our history in the world of diesel fuel injection, we have a distinct advantage in the areas of experience, innovation, and test equipment.

With our background in OE development and manufacturing, we bring a unique perspective to the high-performance world. We know what various features and specifications need to be to ensure proper function, how to produce them, and how to verify they are correct. The verification process/equipment we use is very untypical of a standard diesel repair shop and allows us to look at many more system performance characteristics beyond average fuel output.

Exergy Fuel System Saver Features:

  • 2 layer, double-wrapped, the stainless screen
  • Improved design to capture debris up to 25 microns
  • Design will not tear or delaminate
  • Quality materials