Kryptonite Ultimate Front End Package - 2011-2022 GM 2500-3500

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Product Name: Kryptonite Ultimate Front End Package - 2011-2022 GM 2500-3500
Manufacturer: Kryptonite
Manufacturer Part #: ULTIMATE11-FT

Fitment Notes: 2011-2022 GM 2500-3500

If you're looking for the best for your truck, look no further. The Ultimate Front End Kit includes every moving component of your steering. This kit is hands down the strongest option for any GM Heavy Duty Truck. Fully capable of handling high horsepower boosted launches, while also maintaining comfortable street drivability. Each piece of this system is part of the Kryptonite Death Grip parts group, the absolute strongest parts available. 

Note: If installing Kryptonite SS Series centerlink on a leveled or lifted truck you may need to install longer sway bar end links depending on how high the torsion bars have been adjusted.  We recommend the Kryptonite HD sway bar end links. This kit will only work on trucks that keep the center link in the factory position. If your truck has been lifted make sure the lift kit you have is a spindle style kit not a control arm drop. This steering system is modeled after the Center Link on the H1 Military Hummer, this is a much stronger design when compared to what's offered from factory on all non Hummer GM HD Trucks.

Kryptonite Ultimate Front End Package Features:

  • Kryptonite SS Center Link and Tie Rod Package
  • Kryptonite Idler Support
  • Kryptonite Idler Support Frame Gusset
  • Kryptonite Death Grip Pitman Arm
  • Kryptonite Death Grip Idler Arm
  • Made in the USA
  • For more information on Kryptonite call us at 1-423-252-7177