Merchant Automotive Fuel System Replacement Kit, 11-16 GM Duramax LML - CP3 Pump

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Product Name: Merchant Automotive Fuel System Replacement Kit, 2011-2016 GM Duramax LML - CP3 Pump
Manufacturer: Merchant Automotive
Manufacturer Part #: 10904

Fitment Notes: 2011-2016 GM Duramax LML

The CP4 was introduced as a cost reduction to the LML platform since a smaller amount of fuel is required when running the more efficient injectors. Since its introduction it has proven to be less reliable than the CP3 used in previous Duramax platforms.


No Tuning Required

CP3 is already re-calibrated to match the LML stock CP4 fuel curve

Kit is designed to replace the less reliable CP4 that comes stock on the LML

Install Kit Includes: 

  • CP3 Pump
  • Fuel rails
  • Fuel injectors
  • Fuel lines
  • Master Filter Head Kit (Filters, filter head rebuild kit / spacer, WIF plug, bleeder screw, MA Additive)
  • and all the gaskets and seals to do the job.
  • if you need adivice or help give us a call 423-252-7177