S&B Intake (Cleanable Filter) - 11-16 GM Duramax LML

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Product Name: S&B Intake (Cleanable Filter)
Manufacturer: S&B
Manufacturer Part #: 75-5075-1
Fitment Notes: S&B Intake (Cleanable Filter) - 11-16 GM Duramax LML - 75-5075-1

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Dry Disposable or Cotton Filter?
Since you are not sacrificing performance with either choice, the decision comes down to would you rather throw away the filter or clean it.

  • Always wanted a filter you could just throw away without sacrificing performance? S&B's new Dry Filter is the answer
  • Comparable Airflow to our Cotton Filters with the same Great Protection.
  • Last for up to 30,000 miles of highway driving. Extend the life of the filter using compressed air.

In this era of high-cfm gas engines and air-hungry diesels, S&B test their filters to Standard ISO 5011, which has produced exact and repeatable results. Due to the controlled test setting, performance certificates now accompany S&B filters for added assurance.

S&B filters are also submitted for CARB approval; most are approved while those with the newest engineering innovations await approval. Made in U.S.A.

Large Silicone Filter with 5" ID opening.
Silicone's elasticity allows for a superior seal on the intake tube. With no oily residue, the filter won't slide off the tube or require you to wash your hands. Our Silicone filters and couplers can endure temperatures up to 400F without cracking and boasts high tear strength.

Cool Air, More Density.
Our huge intake scoop engulfs more cold air. The cooler the air, the greater the density, resulting in better performance.

Clear Lid with Seal.
Signature clear S&B lid now features a rubber trim that ensures a perfect seal.

Quick and Easy Installation.
Metal brackets allow for easy installation of the new air box by using the OEM air box mounting locations.

Optional Secondary Box Opening.
Designed with a secondary inlet, further resulting in even better airflow. A silicone plug is included for those who prefer to pull in air only from the fender inlet.

Low Restriction Intake Tubes.
Intake tubes are designed for smooth air flow and less restriction.


  • Airflow Rating: Flows 41.8% Better than the Stock Intake


Year Make Model Engine
2011-2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD V8-6.6L, Diesel, LML
2011-2016 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD V8-6.6L, Diesel, LML
2011-2016 GMC Sierra 2500 HD V8-6.6L, Diesel, LML
2011-2016 GMC Sierra 3500 HD V8-6.6L, Diesel, LML
2011-2016 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali V8-6.6L, Diesel, LML
2011-2016 GMC Sierra 3500 V8-6.6L, Diesel, LML