Smeding Diesel S300SXE 62/65/14 Cummins Direct Drop-in Turbo for 2003-2007 5.9L

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Smeding Diesel 62mm drop in replacement for the 03 to 07 Cummins. The 62 it was designed to handle mild fueling upgrades and comes equipped with an extended tip 62mm compressor wheel This turbo can support 550 horsepower 

Wheel Dimensions: Compressor: 62mm cast compressor wheel
Turbine: 65MM turbine wheel
Twin Scroll Divided T3 Gated Housing 14cm .80 A/R. Waste Gate set to 40psi/ user adjustable


This turbo will not use the factory wastegate control valve on the 04.5-07 trucks, so tuning is needed or some kinda boost fooler