VP44 Fuel Injection Pump (24 Month Warranty) - 98.5-02 Cummins Auto/5 speed Manual/98.5-99 6 speed Non HO

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NOTE: There is a $200 charge if you purchase a 17X pump and send in a 15X pump.


Product Name: VP44 Fuel Injection Pump (24 Month Warranty)
Manufacturer: VP44
Manufacturer Part #: 15XVP442YR

Fitment Notes: VP44 Fuel Injection Pump (24 Month Warranty) - 98.5-02 Cummins Auto/5 speed Manual/98.5-99 6 speed Non HO - 15XVP442YR

The longest warranty in the industry! These pumps are manufactured by an OEM certified remanufacturer that utilizes up to date and calibrated test stands to produce a high quality VP44 for an affordable price. Each pump has all the necessary OEM updates and is calibrated to the most current specifications, which means this is a quality product with a TWO YEAR UNLIMITED MILEAGE warranty for your piece of mind.

Definition of core: The core is the old unit, which was replaced by the new or rebuilt item. Some new items, for example the Alliant product line, require the return of the old core. Cores must be like for like and include return valve.

NOTE: 98.5-99 6 speed manual NON HO trucks need to call in at 423-252-7177 with your engine serial # to verify correct pump.
We call this pump a 15xwhich Fits:
1998.5-2002 Dodge Ram Cummins Auto/5 speed Transmission
We call this pump a 17x which Fits:
2000-2002 Dodge Ram Cummins 6 speed Transmission

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) that mean your VP44 needs replaced:
P0216 (often referred to as the code of death and most common code for VP44 pump failure)
P0251 - P0260

Thoroughbred Diesel offers replacement Bosch Vp44 Fuel Injection Pumps that have been rebuilt by certified Bosch tech and have been tested on a test stand for 4 hrs before the pump is sent to you. Bosch VP 44 diesel pumps are also upgraded with all the latest upgrades required by Bosch. These VP44 injection pumps come with a 2 yr unlimited mileage warranty.

If you are placing performance parts on your truck it is highly recommended that you use a performance lift pump such as the Airdog fuel system or Fass Fuel Systems. An Airdog or Fass Fuel System will supply the Injection pump with the fuel pressure that is need no matter what performance upgrades you have on your truck. We also offer several different gauge options from Autometer and Isspro to monitor your fuel pressure so you know when your lift pump is going out and can fix the problem before you lose your Injection Pump. The cheapest way to monitor your fuel pressure would be BD s early warning light. Preventing problems before they occur is the best way to take care of your truck.

A cam ring with three plungers, a rotor, and an electronically controlled fueling solenoid valve is used to develop and distribute the high pressure required for injection. A worn or damaged internal transfer pump, plunger, or fueling valve can affect the pressure and amount of fuel injected, thus reducing the power from the engine. Generally, if the fuel injection pump is injecting fuel from one outlet, it will deliver from all outlets. VP44 Timing Principles Timing in the VP44 is controlled by an internal timing piston coupled to a cam ring inside the pump. The timing piston is moved by fuel pressure. The amount of fuel pressure in the timing piston assembly housing is controlled by an internal transfer pump and a pulsating timing solenoid valve. As pump speed increases, the fuel pressure to the timing piston assembly also increases. Based on the inputs from the fuel pump control module (FPCM), the timing solenoid valve pulses to vary the pressure to move the timing piston, which results in the cam ring moving to the desired position to achieve the commanded timing. The more pressure created by the internal transfer pump and timing solenoid valve, the more the timing will advance; therefore, timing range capability is increased at higher rpm's.

*Performance chip & add on disclaimer - Tampering with the pumps wires can cause premature pump failure. If the wires are cut the pump is no longer warrantable, and any repairs that need to be made to the injection pump will be the buyers responsibility. In the VP44 pump the fuel is used to cool and lubricate the pump, and the tolerances between the head and the rotor is very fine. Performance chip add on's affect the cooling rate of the pump. The pump will become hotter due to excessive RPM's from the chips programming. When the throttle is backed off the fuel to the pump is reduced, and the pumps cooling capabilities are greatly reduced. Since the pump is hotter from the increased RPM's the rotor seizes in the head and the pump fails. An alternative to cutting into the pumps wires is to use a chip that plugs directly into the trucks ECM. This approach will allow for an increase in HP while not excessively heating the fuel pump.

  • 24 Month Warranty